Come to The Floor Store on 12 Main Street in West Stockbridge and browse the many options of ​Karastan® carpets as sown in the photo above.

Luxurious wools & high performance synthetics - all in a host of traditional and modern styles and patterns as well as an affordable range of prices. Let us explain the various installation methods that are most appropriate for your application. 

Karastan® carpet has one of the most established names in the carpet and rug industry. Its name has implied quality for roughly 90 years now.

Karastan offers a variety of choices to choose from, Karastan® carpet deserves a look so you can experience  the wide range of patterns, textures and styles they offer.

[photo by Mary Roy]

Let "The Two Joes" help you make a choice - or choices - to consider! Mary or Anne can help as well - we'll loan the sample[s] to you so you can see how it looks in your home. When you're ready, we'll make an appointment to stop by your home, measure the area, and get back to you with a quote for installation [all at no charge.]         413-232-7175 

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The Floor Store proudly announces the arrival of one of the most time-tested Carpets in the industry.​

Karastan® carpeting is made from various synthetic fibers as well as natural fibers like wool. Some styles are a blend of the two types of fibers.

​Karastan® carpets include the following fibers, depending on the particular style of carpeting:

STAINMASTER® brand fiber which includes their Tactesse®
nylon fiber engineered for softness -
Wear-Dated® brand fiber made from the preferable type 6,6 nylon -
SmartSTRAND® fiber made with DuPont™ Sorona®, a material made in part from corn sugar -

Other fiber types include Karalon™ and ultraSTRAND® with Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel technology.