​​​12 Main Street   West Stockbridge, MA 01266    Tel: (413) 232-7175   

This certainly isn't "everything" that West Stockbridge has to offer and enjoy, but most of it is what you can find in walking distance from our village center.

Looking for a Business, Restaurant, Office, Library, Market, Gallery, bottle of wine, good cup of coffee, massage, woodworker, decorator, builder, paint or hardware, videographer, place to stay, car mechanic, church, clothing, photo booth, local made vanilla, exercise, local produce in season, fudge, food take out, 12 acre sculpture center, printed T shirt, mobile, antiques, book[s], multi-media art & sculpture, furniture, architect, directions, restrooms, bank, post office, hardware or paint, second home, therapy, piano man, landscape artist, pottery, some flooring perhaps, gift, or some specialty service that you heard about?? The map below might help, especially if it's near the center of West Stockbridge.