Some Tips to consider while shopping for a new floor:
We've found that many installations and service issues can be distilled down to educating our customers to the things we do every day. 
For most people, putting new floor covering down is not an everyday thing . . . except for us! We experience these questions every day, that's why we're the experts!

Some questions that we will need answers to, before we can begin:
How well is what's now in the room held down?
What type of adhesives are under your existing floor & are they even legal to expose?
Why we probably can't "just go over it?"
How long do you want this to last?
How do you want the room to feel?
What kind of wall moldings do you have? Is is glued to the walls?
Do you need us to remove and replace the toilet? And if so, will you clean it first?
Who is going to remove the furniture?
Who is going to remove & haul away your old flooring?
What about the piano, the organ, the grandfather clock, the computer, the aquarium, the slate pool table, the waterbed? 
Do we need to talk about "invisible" seams? No one can ever promise "an invisible seam." Your furniture, upholstery, and your cabinets don't have invisible seams... why should your carpet, or your vinyl, or your laminate have "invisible seams?" We promise that they'll be tight, and matched, and will perform well. And sometimes they really are invisible, but we can't guarantee it.
Are you sensitive to certain industrial chemicals that are otherwise considered safe?

The following are some questions that need some answers in order for us to do our work:
Will the gas company [or plumber] really come before we do to disconnect the gas line to the stove as promised?
Will 98 year old grandma understand that her bathroom will not be functional for two days? 
Have you considered going on vacation while we are completely gutting your kitchen and bath for three weeks... you really will be inconvenienced a great deal if you try to live here while your house is non-functional... it tends to make you hate the process - and that's if there are no major suprises!
Did you realize that the distance from the Rte 102 (or other main road) turnoff to your house was really 7 miles and not "just a little ways down the road"?

Pets & your floor installation:
Can you keep the cats away from freshly spread adhesives?
Did you know that allowing seam sealers ample time to dry before walking in the room, means Fido & Kitty, too?
Will the 200 pound dog really stay out of the room in your absence when instructed to do so?
Will the 4 ounce gerbil really stay in its unsecure cage?
It's really not up to us to make sure your six cats don't get out...
Can you really stop the mina bird from showering the floor with seed shells after we spread the glue?
Are you sure the spider monkey won't go berserk like it did when we measured?

Your choices, what you should know:
Did you know that there are different types of underlayment that have different attributes?
Do you want attention to go to the flooring, or do you want the flooring to compliment other parts of the room?
Do you want to be able to take your flooring with you when you move, do you care (most folks don't, but you never know)...

Are you prepared for surprises that are impossible to foresee?
Like a snowstorm that makes your street impassable?
The rot under your dishwasher or bathtub or toilet?
The leak that you thought was from the shower is really a bad dormer roof?
There just aren't conventional joists under your 150 year old farmhouse... they are in fact trees with bark still on them and that's why your floor is so uneven and "bouncy" - and no, we can't make squeaks go away by just putting a hundred screws in your floor... not always, anyway.
Did you make sure the window over the garage really works because the carpet that won't fit up the spiral staircase and can't get to the third floor bedroom needs a clearer path to the room?

Sure I'd like to save some money and do some of the work myself...
How much of this installation are YOU the customer prepared to share? 
Will you really do the things that you said that you would? (and before we get there?)
Will you remember to plow the driveway, and leave us room to get our tools, supplies and your floor out of the truck?
Will you remember to take the dirty dishes out of the sink when we come to do your countertop?
Will you remember to flush and clean the toilet before we remove it to do the floor?
Will you remember to move the furniture that you said you would... all of it?

...Important Flooring Tips

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